Custom Installation
The Satellite City Difference
  • We will pre-wire your new or existing home.
  • Professional & experienced technicians
  • Friendly, local custom support
  • Complete integration between all of your technology (TVs, DVDs, Surround & Surveillance Systems, Internet)
We know that every home is different.
We know that every home is different and that you need your technology wired a certain way. We will work with you to determine the best way to go about installing your new satellite, HDTV, Home Theater, Surround Sound System, Internet and Video Surveillance System so that it fits your needs and optimizes your entertainment experience.
Pre-Wiring Your Home

Do you know which amenity is increasing in popularity in new construction and existing homes? It’s technology; the ability to have multiple phone lines, high speed Internet Access, computer networking, streaming video, Netflix, VOD, and digital Home Theaters. The digital home theaters include High Definition capabilities and Surround Sound. Whole Home Audio/Video is also available and allows the homeowner the access to multiple audio and video sources.

Although once thought of as a luxury reserved for the wealthy, new technologies have brought a dramatic shift in price, making technology a must in all new construction. And your upgrades will pay for themselves time and again in the value of your home.

Pre-wire and structured wire is one of the fastest growing areas of our company. We’ve pre-wired several hundred homes already, including multiple dwelling units, high end luxury homes, moderate single family homes, and commercial real estate buildings, too. We can arrange a meeting with you and your builder at your home site to discuss your options and provide you with a written estimate on our work. Our prices are often less than what you might expect since we do our best to cater to your budget.

    Below are some questions to ask yourself and family if you are considering a remodel or new home-build. If you are interested in getting started with a pre-wire complete our pre-wire questionnaire and we will be in touch soon (you may also give Michael Smith a call at 515-289-4474 to schedule your in-home or store appointment):

    1. Will you need an Internet Connection, how many PCs and what is available in your area, Cable, Dial-up, DSL, Metro Ethernet, Fiber or Satellite?
    2. Will there be a need for multiple telephone lines, teens, fax, or dial-up Internet and will they need to be available at all outlets?
    3. Will you be considering a personal telephone system?
    4. What kind of Television signal will be in use?
    5. Will you be considering a dedicated home theater immediately or in the future?
    6. Would you like to ability to have music in multiple rooms or outside using dedicated or shared source components?
    7. Will you be installing a surveillance system and cameras? If yes, do you want to view the cameras on any or all televisions and/or through the internet?

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